How Much do Military Dog Handlers get Paid?

You might be wondering about the job of military dog handlers. Being on a base with a highly trained animal is an enticing career. It reflects loyalty and commitment in the military. Believe it or not, being military dog handlers is a highly sought after occupation. And it pays really well.

How much do military working dogs get paid?

Military dogs (or just dogs in general) can’t use money and aren’t give any cash. Dogs that serve in the military don’t get paid money, but they do get a lot of dog treats, dog toys and belly rubs from their handlers. Depending on the human at all times, the military dogs are bonded with the military dog handlers and get everything they need by the human.

Different than a dog that lives at home, military dogs know they have a special job. They are willing to get busy working. The dogs are well taken care of by their handlers. There is always dog food, toys and a place to sleep will be provided. Which is why some people believe that the food, water and attention for the animals is considered payment for the military dogs.

How Much do Military Dog Handlers get Paid?

As you might expect, the human who is part of the military dog’s life does get paid. A military dog handler can be paid up to 90,000 a year It all is depending on skill, seniority and other attributes. Of course, the military decides on the wages. It’s a career choice that thousands of people are interesting in pursuing. This job it helps our country, it’s a special bond with dogs too. It’s a very unique aspect to our military.

If you are thinking about being a part of the military dog process, you don’t have to join the military. Regular folks can always volunteer to adopt a military dog after it retires. Many dogs need homes and the public can definitely help by offering the retired military dogs a place to live.