Military Dogs Speaking Engagements

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A military dog takes a minute to confer with his handler on assignment. The loyalty of the four legged soldier is seen every day at work.

Considering a speaking engagement about military dogs? Looking to make an impact on your group and need a speaker? Four Legged Soldiers highlights military dogs and how the canines help human soldiers. It is an interesting topic that captivates audiences. Americans are proud of their heroes and four legged soldiers make an important impact on United States safety and helping human soldiers on United States soil as well as abroad.

Who will like this talk? Is this topic right for my group?

This talk is perfect for civic groups, social groups, associations and other schedule events who have people looking to learn about how America works. Anyone who has an interest in animals and/or America will appreciate this presentation. Additionally, since the topic hasn’t been excessively covered in the mainstream media, people walk away with new knowledge about our country and a new-found respect towards canines. If you are an educator or teacher, check out the classroom talks HERE

Arek is a military working dog deployed to Kyrgyzstan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Carolyn Viss)
Arek is a military working dog deployed to Kyrgyzstan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Carolyn Viss)

How long is the presentation?

The speaking engagement can be tailored to times as needed by event coordinators. Typically, a minimum of 15 minutes is needed for a presentation, but it could include much more information offering attendees 45 minutes of details about military dogs.

What will the attendees learn from the presentation?

The speaking engagement is a lighthearted and positive look at military dogs. After extensive research, the author reveals how the four legged soldiers work for America. Presented by a polished author. She has written over a dozen books. The presentation will be filled with facts, stories and interesting data that attendees will appreciate learning. A lively conversation that gives an overview of what dogs do for the military and why they help so much!

Does a dog come to the presentation?

Military dogs will not be in attendance for this discussion. Unfortunately an animal  will not be available for any speaking engagement due to logical issues. However the author about the four legged soldiers and photographs are for sale in our small shop and then passed around. Supplemental material purchases help support our work.

Can you tell us more about the author?

Jodi Jill is the author of Four Legged Soldiers and is personally interested in the topic. Sharing to groups around the country about her literacy project and other books, the writer is an accomplished speaker who loves to share with others. Her latest book combines her appreciation of military dogs and America for a positive take on what the animals do for humans.

Can the author offer a quick fact about four legged soldiers that attendees might find unique that’s in her talk?

Military dogs aren’t ever offered a paycheck. Most dogs work 10 years before retiring and don’t make one dime. Still considered government property while on duty, the dogs work for their handlers loyalty and a game of fetch. Unbelievable, right?

Awkward question! How political is this talk?

No politics or negative reflections will be shared with the audience in this talk. Politics divide a crowd quickly. Politics are completely avoided in this presentation. Solely discussing the four legged soldiers and their jobs, this talk is entirely based on how military dogs are part of the service and the job they do every day for a bone!


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