Military Dog retirement: Life After Working as a Four Legged Soldier

A military dog retirement doesn’t have a big send off nor are the dogs excited to go home. Typically, a dog will retire after the handler or veterinarian decides that the animal has slowed down. Each animal is monitored closely so the humans know when the position doesn’t fit the animal. Just like humans, a military dog body changes. They may need to go slower or aren’t as adaptable as younger animals.

Military dogs who work with soldiers are required to work almost every day they are on the job. There might be a day or two off, but the animals are always trained to be on guard, so they really don’t take much time away from their jobs.

So what happens for a Military Dog retirement?

When the time comes to retire, the four legged soldier is ready to start a new life. First, they come home and get acclimated to life with less worry and watching. Then, the search for a new home begins.

Where does a Military Dog find retirement

About 90% of the time the human handlers who worked with the dog on the job actually adopt the animals to live with them in homes. Relaxing with the human friend, the dog will have a smooth transition into retirement and might even acquire a family who loves to help play fetch. As they were as a puppy, the military dogs once again become pets.

Military Dogs Don’t Retire: Some get a Second Job

Other military dogs might still be fine for working, but they don’t want to be on the job all the time or in a high stress environment. These canines might be adopted by the police or other regional agencies to work part-time. Next time you see a dog looking for a person in a search and rescue or at the airport, keep in mind this could be the dog’s second career.

Military Dog Adoption

Military dog adoption is one way the public can help military dogs who retire. If you are considering the possibilities of actually getting a pet, perhaps this might be a fit in your life. There are a number of resources for you to reference in your community and around the country.