Where are Military Dog Jobs Located

Military dog jobs, when it comes to training, are found primarily in Texas. The dogs along with their handlers come together in a big complex to work on training and become ready to protect and serve. The grueling experience is just as hard for humans as it is for animals. Special trainers, who work exclusively with the animals, take into account all aspects of the dogs. Then, if the military dogs have passed all the necessary training, they are trained with humans.

The human aspect of training includes bonding with the animals and knowing how to control the dog. This is not an easy task and that’s why military dogs jobs are very specialized. It demands a certain commitment, dedication and focus for humans and dogs. If the bond can be established, the pair will be trained together and then sent on their way to a location around the world. Most military dogs jobs are found on military bases around the country. However, there are places in the United States where teams are stationed as well.

Military Dog Jobs: Training Starts the Process

No military dog or, for that matter military dog handler, is sent into the field until they are completely ready to work. With so much at stake, the team has to be steadfast and focused. Every possible tool is given to the team to make the bond and job as focused as possible. The training, while taking weeks, usually sticks with the pair through their entire career together.

For the most part, the dogs trained for working in the military call San Antonio, Texas home. The squadron that does the majority of the work with dogs is called the Military Working Dog Training Squadron at Lackland Air Force Base. Here the dogs and the handlers receive proper training and development to be ready for any situation.