Military Dog Handlers: Job for Dog Lovers, Military Personnel and Others

Military Dog Handlers are trained for as long at the military dog they are paired up with (sometimes even longer.) They are men and women in the military who work with dogs who are highly trained. These individuals who love animals. They give commands to canines on a daily basis. Sometimes these commands are to protect other soldiers in dangerous situations.

Not just anyone can be handing dogs in the military. This is a special job where humans and dogs are matched up. The four-legged soldiers are just as important. The bond between the two is the team. The human leads in the field. As past stories of the battlefields have been told, one obvious instrument of the team is the military dog handlers who assess the situations. Then the handler and the dog do as needed.

Dogs Depend on Military Dog Handlers

Knowing how a dog should act and offering the dog a secure environment is the handler’s first job. Working together as a team, the human must be able to understand individual cues the dog offers while on the job. It also shares cues to the dog. Military dogs are taught to protect. They will attack, if told to do such. And only a military dog handler can call that same dog off instantly. The dog can also show certain facial expressions for smells. Again, it is the military dog handlers who recognize those expressions and do as needed.

Military Dog Handlers are a Bond for the Dogs

The compatibility between the dog and the human is extremely important. Paired up like a couple, the trust must be established to secure that both the military dog handler and military dog will be safe. Usually during training, humans are introduced to a dog and the personality of the dog offers a reflection on whether or not the two are a good fit! Once they bond, the relationship is further developed with exercises and techniques until the pair can work together on assignment.