What is the Highest Military Rank Achieved by a Dog?

An interesting tidbit of history includes the question of what is the highest military rank achieved by a dog. The Smithsonian Institution recognizing Stubby, a decorated dog in World War I with this honor in an exhibition. According to the exhibit, the dog was nominated for rank and then promoted during combat. This unique situation has many people paying tribute to this animal and all the help offered in the war.

Since World War I, there have been countless sacrifices of Military dogs and they too have been promoted in different parts of the government. The idea of honoring animals who help humans is one way of showing respect and gratitude.

What is a Military Rank of a Dog?

Find yourself pondering over the military rank of a dog? It’s an interesting question, but typically dogs don’t ask it! Everybody in the military begins at the base and works their way up the positions of the administration. For military working puppies, once the preparation is finished they are allotted a rank. An intriguing honor for the military dogs is they generally rank one over their handler. This convention was initially begun years back as a respect to the canine who commits their lives to the administration and it proceeds with today.

Do Dogs Care about their Military Rank?

The military dog rank usually doesn’t reflect on how the canine is treated or what the dog is expected to do in the field. This position is given to the dog to know where it belongs in the military service and offer accolades to a job well done. Some dogs might prefer a treat to a title though.

The titles given to dogs also reflect on the dog handler. Most military dogs have the same dog handler for a long period of time. The job of the dog is, in part, reflective to the handlers. The humans give commands, make sure the dog is taken care of and overall helps the troops as needed. While most of the dogs are capable of working on the field from their training, they need a human dog handler to give daily commands and instructions. Of course a belly rub or two is also appreciated.