Four Legged Soldiers Book

The Life of a Military Dog: Four-Legged Soldiers Book


American heroes come home from the battlefields around the world as they diligently sacrifice to make the United States a bitter place to live. The sacrifice of a military dog is an extraordinary insight on how animals can help keep America safe. Yes, we honor them in our Four Legged Soldiers book

fourleggedsoldiersminiadFour Legged Soldiers book offers an inside look at how the dogs are trained in the United States and gives readers a chance to understand why the military relies on these amazing creatures who don’t even collect a paycheck.

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What can dogs do that humans can’t? Smell isolated particles to locate particular chemicals that could be harmful. Dogs hear intruders at a significant distance. Able to share potential dangers before it’s even visible to humans. Dogs also patrol areas to keep other soldiers safe.

Military Dogs Don’t Get Paid: They Do Get Fed

So what do dogs get paid for all their hard work? A relaxing game of catch with a Kong or ball and a scratch on the back by their human handlers. While the loyalty of the dogs is amazing, what is even more brilliant is how the canines are an intricate part of the military and do such a great job protecting Americans.


Life After The Military

After the dogs have been on routine deployments, they come home and start new lives relaxing. Believe it or not, many of the dogs actually start their senior lives retired. Living with military handlers, humans  have the option to adopt the dog before others can consider taking in the animal. This means the bond between man and dog continues long after work.