Who decides military dog names?

Ever wonder who decides military dog names? There are some pretty powerful dogs on the military bases and with all that focus, many wonder just how names are decided upon. For the most part, the names of four legged soldiers comes from the breeders.  When getting the dogs prior to training, the potential military dogs have been scrutinized and named by the breeders. So it makes sense that the name is not changed so the dog is not confused.

Military dog names on paperwork? Nope, Military assigns numbers

The military uses the name of the dog, but in paperwork the number assigned to the animal is mostly used. This is how the animal is tracked and the progress, from training through life, is charted. Sometimes the number of the dog is also tattooed on the inside of the ear. This number system is easier for humans, but the dogs appear to care less about the paperwork concerns.

Military Dog Names: Weird, Powerful, Fun

There have been some strange names of dogs over the years, but each animal loves to hear their handler say their names. As with anyone who hears their name, it’s familiar and a moniker to who they are in life. Dogs are no different. They enjoy people calling their name and come running when they hear it.

Two Military Dog Names? Team Gets Name too

There are two names the military dog knows by heart. The first is his or her own name. Then, in training they are introduced to a new name when they meet their handler. The working team that comes together, both dog and human, also acquires a nickname. This name is typically used when at work . It’s the call of the command and on the field it’s the bond that brings dog and human together. When the animal hears the name of the team they know they are on duty.