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Four Legged Soldiers Come Home

Once the military dogs are done with their duty, the dogs will retire. The reunion of a dog and his (or her) former handler is a very emotional moment. Flying home back to America, a dog can be adopted by anyone who has served with the animal. Going home to familiar faces means the four …Read more »

7 Fascinating Facts about Military Working Dogs

The idea that the military could use dogs to help keep America safe is impressive. The four legged soldiers who work with human soldiers are a unique group of canines. These creatures work nearly every day without a paycheck and the dogs love being loyal. Want to know more about four legged soldiers? Check out …Read more »

Military dogs jump out of a plane and parachute with Handlers

Layka, a U.S. military combat dog, gets a special treat. The military dog takes a jump from the air and skydives to the ground safely. Known for their fearless attitudes, military dogs will go with their handlers almost anywhere and not be afraid. This 70-pound dog has plenty of faith that they will land without …Read more »